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Silicone Air Fryer Baking Tray

Silicone Air Fryer Baking Tray

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If you're tired of wasting time scrubbing your air fryer basket after every use, our reusable and easy-to-clean silicone air fryer liner is the perfect solution. With its non-stick surface, it allows for effortless day-to-day cooking without the hassle of stubborn grease or food stains. You won't have to worry about constantly cleaning up, and can instead spend more time enjoying your meals. Plus, since it's reusable, you'll be doing your part to reduce waste and save money over time. Try our silicone air fryer liner today and make your cooking experience a breeze!


Package Contains.  

Two trays of variant selected 

Type: Silicone Tray
Shape: round
Material: Silicone
Color: Tray/Blue, Tray/Green, Tray/Pink, Tray/White
Size: opening diameter 20cm plate depth 4.5cm bottom diameter 18cm

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The resuseabilty of the silicone liner provides an alterantive to polluting, disposable parchement paper, or aluminum foil. Which helps to minimize wasteful consumption and promote sustabile lifestyle.


Bartiza makes sure it's products use food grade silicone, which is BPA free. Which means no harmful chemicals leaching into your families meal, unlike some disposable liners. Additionally, its designed to with stand temperatures of 450°F/230°C.


Our design utilizes the wavy lines on the body of our liners and the grooves on the bottom enhance heat circulation around your meal distributing the heat evenly, ensuring your food cooks efficiently. Further more, the non-stick surface of the silicone helps to prevent food from sticking, making them easier to clean than bare trays or cookware.